8 Top Techniques To Improve Indoor Air Quality At Workplace

Usually, people talk about outside pollution and they forget to consider indoor air quality. But, indoor air quality affects our bodies badly as compared to outdoor pollution. Most people spend their time at workplaces.

Thus, it is very important to determine the air quality of your office. The bad quality of indoor air at the workplace will lead to many health issues. Fresh and clean indoor air is very important for good health.

According to the survey report published by the International WELL Building Institute, it has been recorded that indoor air pollutants are highly responsible for a bad health condition. Indoor air pollutants include airborne particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, etc.

These kinds of indoor pollutants are responsible for respiratory issues, asthma, headaches, etc. Pollutants can do damages that are beyond physical health problems. According to various studies, bad quality air can affect our mind and decrease our productivity. Thus, it is very important to keep checking workplace indoor air quality:

1. Maintain Clean Workplace

The best way to maintain clean air quality at the workspace is to maintain cleanliness. You should hire the cleaning professionals who regularly clean every nook and corner of the office. Also, you should consider investing in the latest technology cleaning supplies to properly and thoroughly clean your office.

It is recommended that you should use a vacuum cleaner, mop, and various other cleaning solutions to keep your office clean. You should also properly clean curtains, rungs, desks, chairs, and various other things in the office. The clean office will help in maintaining good indoor air quality.

2. Replace Air Filters Regularly

The latest technology air conditioners are comprised of HEPA filters. These filters help in improving air quality while maintaining optimum temperature in the office. But, it is imperative to regularly replace the filter of ducted air conditioners so that it can work efficiently.

If you fail to replace filters then instead of cleaning indoor air, it will start polluting your indoors. Thus, maintenance of ducted air conditioning Sydney is very important.

You should call a professional twice a year for maintenance of AC and replacing filters. The clogged filter can help in reducing airflow and reduce the efficiency of air conditioners.

3. Make Sure Air Vents Are Unblocked

The air will not be able to circulate properly if the air vents of your air conditioner are blocked. The blocked path of air vents will not let the air circulate properly. It will lead to suffocation at your workplace. Also, it will lead to various health problems.

4. Let Fresh Air Circulate

You should open up your windows during morning and evening time so that fresh air can circulate inside your office. This simplest technique will help in flushing out the stale air from the office. It will help in improving the indoor air quality of your office. The clean indoor will also help in increasing the productivity level of office workers.

5. Clean Spills Immediately

Spills can degrade air quality and they should be cleaned immediately. Coffee and tea spills are normal in workplaces. But, they can be a big reason for degrading indoor air quality. Similarly, you should fix leakage because damp areas can lead to the growth of molds and mildews.

6. Promptly Dispose Of Garbage

Food generates an unpleasant odor when it starts decomposing. Also, decomposing food attracts pests and insects. It is important to make sure that you get rid of kitchen garbage regularly.

You should make sure that the refrigerator of the cafeteria is cleaned regularly and properly. You should immediately throw away those food items which have gone bad.

7. Purchase Good Quality Products

You should purchase top-notch quality products such as cleaners, adhesives, pesticides, office equipment, etc. You should place odor-producing things in well-ventilated zones of the office. Also, it is very important to carefully choose cleaning products and paint.

Some bad quality paint generates harmful gases and they can affect our health. Also, you should do maintenance of various devices at the office. Over time, these devices start generating pollutants such as filters in AC. You should regularly do maintenance of air conditioning Sydney to ensure top-notch indoor air quality.

8. Embrace Indoor Plants

You should bring some indoor plants that can help in purifying indoor air. These plants not just help in improving indoor air quality, but also help in improving the aesthetics of your workplace.

In addition to this, indoor plants also offer various health benefits. Indoor plants can make your workplace calm because they help in reducing noise.

But, just purchasing indoor plants are not enough because you have to consider doing their proper care. These are a few tips that can help in maintaining top-notch indoor air quality at the workplace.

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