Amazing Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

You are eager to start your family and having a child is the first step towards your family.

Knowing that you are pregnant is just like winning a lottery.

If you are excited about your baby and want to share this news with the whole world.

News of pregnancy is itself very big news for everyone and if you amazingly share this good news then it doubles the happiness, so you are searching

amazing pregnancy announcement ideas.

First thing, if you are ready and confirm to announce this good news with the whole world then stick to this article until the end.

But before you start reading this article I say you the risk of miscarriage is high,

so you should wait a bit before telling anyone on your contact list.

How to announce a pregnancy.

I know you are very excited to say this good news whole around the world, but before you text your best friend or put a status on your Instagram and WhatsApp I must say you go through the proper appropriate sequence and nature of pregnancy announcement.

Because the best time to announce this type of news is when you are 100% sure.

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Points which you should make sure of with the announcement of a pregnancy.

Below you get some points which are very important to keep in mind. So, before you think about any of the ideas just read some points which you keep in mind in terms of a pregnancy announcement.

Don’t wait for a second to tell this news to your partner.

Your partner is also very excited to know this good news, and it is his right to know this news. The chances are you found this news together, but if not then tell this news as fast as possible to your partner.

Tell your closest family member first.

If you share this news on social media before closest relatives like grandfather and grandmother of that baby then they feel undervalued. So, please don’t ruin your relationship unknowingly. Just do a phone call if you are confirming and tell them that you are pregnant.

Don’t tell if you are not ready.

If you just say this because you miss your period then, I thik this is not the right time. Say your partner and wait until you do not confirm.

Ways to announce a pregnancy.

This is the best way to announce the pregnancy and trust me when they see this the only word which comes from their mouth is “aww”.

All the below are the best way to show your pregnancy news in status and that status is one of the best stories or status on your social media account.

Tiny shoe.

Their many variations in cute tiny shoe announcements, the above photo is one of them, if you love it add this or search for more tiny shoe cute photos and add this in your status.

Announce the news with fruit.

This is the best way to say because think about it what is the best than cute fruit photo which shows two fruits are making one more fruit.

The above photo is just one variation you can use any variation and you get that in Google very easily.

A team effort photo.

If you are a fan of the sport then wear a sports t-shirt and with your partner stand on the ground with one small t-shirt in hand and this is one of the best ways.

The above photo is one of the variations that you can try or download more photos like that and add in your status or stories.

Add On Wall.

This is one of the most popular ways to announce the pregnancy. Stand with your partner in front of the wall by making a big ‘plus’ sign between you both and in equals to make a sign of baby, or 2 (of you get twin).

One of the variations of this type of photo is given above if you like then download the above one or download a similar photo from Google and show the world that you are pregnant.

Socks show it well.

Put your socks outside and take pictures with your, your partner, and one baby sock and this will also one of the beautiful and interesting ways to show that you are pregnant.

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Last words

All the above ways are very beautiful to show that you are pregnant. If any of the above ways you add in your stories or status then you see that how the world appreciates you for this wonderful announcement.

If you love this article and any of the above announcement ideas then do not forget to share it with your friends and also give your valuable comment.

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