Should parents monitor their kid’s phone activities?

Parents are scared enough from the digital activities of the children on cellphone devices connected to cyberspace. They are always concerned about the kid’s screen-time and social media apps installed on the mobile phones of the teens. Kids are fond of digital devices, and they prefer to have it all day long to perform plenty of activities, like text messages, phone calls, voice and video calls, group chats, and sharing of media in terms of photos and videos. Therefore, parents want to know about the activities of kids on cellular networks and social messaging apps running on cellphone devices.

Why do parents want to monitor their kid’s phone activities?

Digital devices have become a norm in society, and today everyone loves to have mobile phones, and kids are second to none in this race. They use to spend all day long on the web by using cellphone installed browsers and visit inappropriate websites and further use instant messaging apps. They send and receive messages, and chats conversations, make voice and video calls and share their privacy with the people they meet online. Seemingly, the use of social media platforms is not unsafe until you use it for connecting with the people you know in real –life. On the other hand, teens and kids meet with strangers online and get involved in dangerous activities, and get trapped.

There are following activities of kids that parents want to keep their eyes on and further want to protect from stranger dangers.

Online dating

The use of digital phones connected to cyberspace enables them to download and visit online dating apps, like Tinder, Snapchat, and many more. They used to create profiles and upload their photos with information. Teens are more likely to date online with strangers and often ended up sexting with an appealing person. It could lead teens towards nightmares, and they ended up have nothing, but humiliation and cheat. Online dating apps enable teens to have hookups and one night stand rather than sincere relationships.

Sharing nudes

Teens that have got digital citizenship in terms of multiple social media profiles get used to sharing sexually suggestive nudes in terms of photos, videos, and many more. They are more likely to become the victim of body shaming and cyberbullying and often face emplacement.

Meet online predators

Teens also meet with online people that are online predators, like cyberbullies, stalkers, pedophiles, and sexual predators. Therefore, almost 3% of the teens got trapped online and rapped and bullies in real –life after meeting someone online. Cyberbullying attack is the root cause among teens to stay depressed, full of anxiety, and low self –esteem.

Excessive screen time

Today 95% of teens have cellphone devices, and 75% have internet access. So, kids have become addicted to their cellphones and activities, like text messages, phone calls, and social media.

Parents should monitor kids’ activities on the phone to make sure the digital safety of the children. The excessive screen –time of kids can cause health issues, like anger, depression, wrong sleeping patterns, and many more.

Visit inappropriate content

The visiting of adult content on the phone screen is on the rise among teens and tweens, and parents these days are trying their best to prevent kids from online adult content to the fullest. Parents have to set parental control on kid’s devices for the wellbeing of the teens.

Now they can monitor kid’s activities on cellphone devices by using the cellphone parental control app. It will keep parents updated on kids’ phone activities to the fullest.

Set parental control on kid’s phone to monitor activities

Parents should perform authoritative parenting when kids are young, and when they enough grow and then make some ground roles. However, parents can also make sure of parental monitoring app on digital phones connected to cyberspace. You can install a cellphone monitoring app on digital phones and monitor and track every activity they do to the fullest. You can use the following mentioned tools of the parental tracking app to monitor activities.

Live screen recording

It empowers you to track and record the live cellphone screen activities by using the screen recorder software. You can record short videos, and you can save the videos to the dashboard. You can use the feature once you have installed parental control for your cellphone on the kid’s phone.

Social media monitoring

If your child is a social media addict and you want to know the activities without them knowing, and then you can use social media messenger monitoring. It monitors messages, group chats, voice and video call logs, and many more.

Record calls and reads messages

A parent can record live phone calls and read text messages with cellphone parental monitoring software and save data on the dashboard.


Parents should monitor kids’ activities on cellphone devices to protect them from digital nightmares and cellphone and social media addiction.

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